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Myle Vape Dubai: Vaping for a Healthy Living

Myle vapes being super convenient, is prominent in the vapor world and are one of the most liked vape brands ever. Having tremendous positive aspects this particular brand has been ruling the market since 2016. Earlier vapors were mostly popular in the western world but these days Myle Vape Dubai is available in Dubai as well (Everyone wants to be healthy for sure).
Much of the research shows how vapors have successfully freed smokers from the toxic chain of smoking. If you are also planning to quit the toxic cigarettes and switch to Myle Vape, this content is worth giving a check.

Summary of Myle types?

About the Brand: What is Myle Vape?

To be precise, Myle vape is an electronic cigarette manufactures under the company Myle Vapor Inc. This is a New Jersey-based company but the design of the Myle devices is developed in Italy. Thus you can be assured of having the best quality design and functional abilities.

After the short intro about the brand, let’s get to know about the Myle Vapor as a product. Well, Myle has different types of products and pods in a wide range of flavors. Every Myle device comes with the following things:

A USB charger
user manual and
A Myle battery.

Myle Devices and Pods: Myle Vape Dubai Product Information 

The best part about Myle is its diversity; whether you need an on the go device or you want a classic vape, Myle always has something to offer you. Let’s get into the Myle vape products and quick details regarding them:
Myle Vape Products

Myle Devices Myle Pods:

Cubano, Red Apple, Pink Lemonade, Iced Watermelon, Iced Mint, Mighty Mint, Iced Quad Berry, Pound Cake, Iced Apple Mango, Iced Coffee, Peach, Tropical Fruit Mix, Lemon Mint, Sweet Mango, Lush Ice

Myle Mini:

On the go Vape
Compact Size
Comes in nine flavors

Myle Mini vape is the dream of every person who wishes to have a compact and disposable vape. Myle Minis are 1 inch wide and 3 inches long in size. Thus one can easily carry it in their pockets. Very easy to handle, no hassle of having detached pods or anything.
Though these vapes are named Mini they assure the same luxurious vaping experience like all other Myle Products. They offer you nine different flavors to choose from. A great pick I must say. 

Myle Starter Kit :

Sleek Myle Device
USB charger
Comes in four different flavors
Smooth vaping experience

Myle starter kit masters on providing the taste of nicotine in the very puff. This sleek and stylish device comes with a charger and every time leaves a pleasant vaping experience. It also comes with a user manual to help you handling the kit. Moreover, it offers four premium essences to help you quit toxic cigarettes.

Myle Basic Kit:

5% or 2 % nicotine
Velvety vaping experience
Leakproof pod technology
Wide range of flavors
240 Puffs
USB cable charger

Myle Basic kit is the most premium way to quit smoking. This vape kit has 5% or 2% nicotine thus it can be more pleasing than the traditional cigarettes to a nicotine lover. Premium and velvety vaping experience make every puff unforeseeable. One may enjoy up to 240 puffs.
The most striking part is the leak-proof pod technology. Users can use Myle leak proof pods with this Basic kit devices; no more leaking and embarrassing experience while vaping.

Myle Pods:

No leakage technology
Available in different flavors
Rich in texture

Myle pods are the signature element by Myle. Pods are rich in flavors and are available in 15 various flavors. Most importantly these pods are leakage proof thus you will never have to go through the messy pod leakage experience. 


What Makes Myle Vape The Best?



Myle vape is the healthier option of having nicotine as it limits the emission of toxic and harmful chemicals. Though there are different brands available in the market Myle has some advanced and unmatched features. Though Myle vape has been launched after a year of JUUL it came with more advancement.

LED Instructor: Myle devices have LED instructors which turns on while having puffs or when it is on charging. Very few of the vape brands have LED instructor features at present in the market.

Longer Battery Life: The battery capacity is praiseworthy. Battery power is approximately 240mAh and it lasts around 30% longer than any other standard vaping brand. The battery is the fast charging one.

Sleek Design: Myle devices have an enormous design; being designed in Italy, these devices add extra spunk to your vaping experience.
Extra E Juice: Myle devices have .9 ml e juice capacity which is the highest capacity in the market. Thus it saves your money.
Extra Puffs: As the e juice capacity is high, it ensures around 240 puffs. Standard vaping brands offer mostly 200 puffs. Thus Myle vape is your big-time money saver.

Efficiency: Every puff gives the users the premium taste that will help anyone to leave the traditional cigarettes. Supreme taste and a wide range of flavors are the most highlighting aspects of Myle Vape.


Is Myle Vaping Healthier than Smoking?

Without any arguments, Myle vape is healthier than traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes being highly addictive and having deadly toxic elements, threaten our lives to the death. Whereas smoking has been causing cancers, heart failure, and other deadly diseases, Myle vapes are way healthier.

Myle vape does not emit chemicals such as cyanide, ammonia, or arsenic. But all these poisonous chemicals are found in cigarettes. Thus vaping can set you free from these toxic elements. Again as Myle vape has a lower quantity of nicotine, it is less addictive and easy to be free from. 


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Final Words

Myle Vape Dubai is all you may want to experience healthy vaping. And as it is less addictive you can even hope to leave it someday. A great deal to every person who aspires to quit smoking.

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